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controller port lights

What you will need for this tutorial...

this tutorial will teach you how to make professional quality, internally lit controller ports for your xbox.

to learn how to take apart an xbox, click HERE

first, remove the controller ports from the xbox. you should have two units that look like this.

pay attention to the arrows i drew on mine. these arrows point to the solder joints that attach the metal covers.

heat up theh solder joints. you may need a little fresh solder...

as the solder melts, slip a razor blade between and seperate the joint.

when you get your razor blade between the joint, remove the heat and let the solder freeze.

now that the joints are broken, you can flip the covers off with your blade.

you will then have access to the wire joints.

you may find it helpful to add some solder to the joints of the red and black wire. sometimes the wires will want to seperate from the solder pads. be sure that they don't pop out or bridge to other points.

now it's time to get your new hardware ready.

clip your resistors shorter like in the picture above.

bend the short ends at 90 degrees, and coat them with solder.

press the tip of the bent end of the resistor onto the 5V (red) solder point using your iron. you shouldn't need to add any more solder at this point.

bend your negative (shorter) LED legs like shown in the illustration above.

clip the leg you just bent just like the picture above, and tin it (coat with solder).

press the negative leg down onto the ground (black) solder point...shown above.

make sure you take this opportunnity to align your LED by bending the soldered leg. you want the LED pointed directly into the middle hole.

bend the long leg of the resistoraround the long leg of the LED. solder the two together as shown above.

make sure that nothing will be touching the metal casing when you re-attach it. also, this is a great time to connect your 5V testing power source to make sure the LED works properly.

mark the covers with the appropriate cover before re-assembly. if you did everything correctly, it will be the only way to distinguish the part without connecting it.

heat up the old joint to flatten the solder. bend the covers back into shape, place them in position, then heat the joints.

congratulations. now do it again, and you have a complete set!z

to learn how to put the xbox back together, click HERE

I am not responsible for any damage you do with these tutorials. read the instructions well, and do a little research before diving in. feel free to report errors, contribute ideas, and link to anthing on the website if not for profit.

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