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jewel lights (indicator lights - part two)

What you will need for this tutorial...

in this second part of the tutorial, you will learn how to install lights in the case-top, underneath the jewel, for indication or illumination.

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first, remove the lid from the xbox, and remove the jewel from the lid.

now, flip your jewel upside down, and do some indiana jones shit (shown below)

you can use this to line up your jewel lights. the two -V- shaped tabs fit into the -X-'s on the jewel. use those to line up your paper, and stap through the paper where you want your lights.

remove the piece of paper, and you should have some accurate marks (shown below) to make your LED holes on.

take your soldering iron and press it through your marks. push slowly. a hot iron will cut through the plastic like butter. take care not to inhale the fumes released by the melting plastic, and be sure to clean your iron's tip before attempting to solder with it.

the slag rings left behind should easily break off flush with the surface (shown below). if not, use something sharp to slice them off clean.

flip the cover over and size up your holes for your LED's. you may need to use a pocket knife or something to make them a little bit wider.

take out plastic from the holes a little bit at a time until the LED fits snugly in the hole. insert the LED's with the negative (shorter) legs oriented as shown in the picture below.

if your LED's stick out too far (shown below), don't worry about it now.

bend the LED legs outward as shown below..

apply downward pressure on the ends of the legs with a hot soldering iron until the legs sink into the plastic (shown below). for added security, apply sideways pressure near the bottom. be careful not to heat the legs too much. this may damage the LED.

tin the ends of the legs with solder. next, grab a pair of resistors and twist them together on one end.

place the resistors between the two positive terminals of the LED's, as shown below.

solder them into place, and trim the excess so it looks kinda like this....

clean up any loose solder (like the little ball in the picture above). clean the solder off of your iron, and make a hole in the stand-off like shown below.

scrape any metal and plastic slag off of the hole (don't forget like i did), then run your 5VDC wire (power source) through it, and connect it between the two resistors so that you have a 100ohm resistor on each LED. (bad angle on the next picture - sorry)

now, make some more holes! (shown below...)

so you can do this....

the other two wires connect to the negative legs of the LED's, and will connect to your indicator ground points (refer to part one for indicator lights - just put them to any regular ground point for always on).

hopefully you should finish with something like this....

secure it all with a good piece of tape like the picture below, then make your connections.

make sure all of your wires extend from the inside of that wall i told you to make all the holes in. this is for stress relief on the wires, and so they don't hang where they shouldn't be. when assembling the xbox, make sure these wires are not getting pinched. if you do, they will ground, resulting in a shorted power supply, or lights that are always on.

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I am not responsible for any damage you do with these tutorials. read the instructions well, and do a little research before diving in. feel free to report errors, contribute ideas, and link to anthing on the website if not for profit.

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