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adding additional 5V output to your xbox PSU

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What you will need for this tutorial

for this tutorial, we will be using an ATX delta PSU. however, this tutorial will easily translate to any version of xbox PSU.

to learn how to take apart an xbox, click HERE
to learn more about the different versions of PSU's, click HERE

to start, cut off a couple feet of good quality wire. tin your wire with a fresh coat of solder, and clip the exposed wire short so you only have a couple milimeters exposed.

set the wire aside, and remove the PSU from the xbox. now you're ready to find your contact point on the PSU.

for all versions, the idea is the same. find a red wire...

...and follow it to it's spot on the PSU's circuit board. flip it over to find your contact point. be sure to tripple check that you have the correct point. 5V points are not in the same place on all PSU's.

prepare your contact point by heating and adding fresh solder until the point has completely melted. be sure not to add too much solder.

your connection should look somewhat like the picture above. try to route the wire around any sharp points on the bottom of the board. solid core wire is more easily manipulated, and less likely to stray once bent into position. an insulating barrier is recommended between the wire and PCB. double sided tape works great. lead the wire to the inside of the tapered corner of the PCB...

...and bend it around the corner so it's leading around to the topside of the PSU. Start Weaving the new wire into the 4-wire harness with the molex connector at the end.

keep weaving it into the harness until you have reached the molex connector.

now, use a crimp connector, or a twist splice to cap off the end. that's it. you're done. you now have an auxiliary 5VDC output to power more fans, LED's, whatever you want to add that might need power. before using the new output, test the PSU to make sure you didn't break it. now you're ready to do the indicator lights mod in the motherboard section. the "auxilliary 12V" tutorial is the same as adding an auxilliary 5VDC output, but you must track down the yellow wires, rather than the red.

I FUCKED UP! (what now?)

  • i see sparks (and-or smoke)
    • unplug it immediately
    • the new wire (or new solder joint) may be shorting out on the bottom of the PSU, or somewhere else
    • you may have splashed solder somewhere on the PSU
  • my xbox doesn't turn on anymore (completely unresponsive)
    • you may have a blown fuse. refer to the PSU testing and repair section. if the fuse has blown, you probably have other problems.
    • the new wire (or new solder joint) may be shorting out on the bottom of the PSU, or somewhere else
    • you may have splashed solder somewhere on the PSU
  • my xbox turns on briefly, but doesn't stay on
    • if it does this after putting the xbox together, but not while the lid is off, then you are pinching a wire somewhere
    • if it does this right away, your circuit is most likely shorted somewhere other than the PSU
    • you may have splashed solder somewhere on the PSU
  • it's just not working
    • throw it

I am not responsible for any damage you do with these tutorials. read the instructions well, and do a little research before diving in. feel free to report errors, contribute ideas, and link to anthing on the website if not for profit.