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indicator lights - part one

What you will need for this tutorial...

in this first part of the tutorial, you will learn how to get your grounding points for the indicator lights. these are ground points on the motherboard that are actively switched on and off to indicate network or hard drive activity.

to learn how to take apart an xbox, click HERE
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first, get your motherboard out of the xbox and flip it over on it's back. once you've done this, focus on the corner of the motherboard with the network port. first you will find the HD indicator ground on pin#39 of the IDE bus (shown below).

solder your wire, then start looking for the network activity ground (shown below). attach a wire to this as well. don't forget which wire goes to each indicator ground.

twist them together, then tuck them through the tiny hole in the corner of the motherboard (shown below - not the screwhole).

tape it up, then flip it over.

now you're finished with part one!

to continue with part two, click HERE

I am not responsible for any damage you do with these tutorials. read the instructions well, and do a little research before diving in. feel free to report errors, contribute ideas, and link to anthing on the website if not for profit.

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