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how to upgrade the RAM on an XBOX motherboard
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What you will need for this tutorial

for this tutorial, you need flash player or you can't see the embeded youtube.
this is a lot of work for little gain unless you're running linux.
the difficulty of this hack is very high.
in addition to the hardware modification, you will also need to load a bios image to the motherboard that will support the RAM. i suggest linux-cromwell. if you use XBE's you will also need the "de-limit" program to patch your executable files
your chances for success on the first attempt are slim. prepare yourself for the consequences.

to learn how to take apart an xbox, click HERE


first you can remove RAM from another xbox. the video below shows you how to remove them.

the next video shows you a good technique for getting them installed.

be sure to view the youtube page and give props, click HERE

i suggest installing the chips one at a time. after each chip, boot using a cromwell bios.

after installing the last chip, cromwell should boot normal, with the only difference being that the screen now says 128MB instead of 64MB. if plan on using this XBOX for linux, then you are finished. and xbox linux won't suck anymore. it even makes a great server with low power consumption (under 75W)

if you plan on executing *.XBE files, then you need to use a bios that supports the extra RAM. most BIOSes that do not support the extra RAM will not function correctly. Some popular options are X2-5035 and ind-5003.

once you have your (non-linux) xbox up and running with a compatable bios, you will need to patch your XBE's with a de-limiter to use the RAM.

to learn about the de-limiter, click HERE

for instructions on how to re-assemble the xbox, click HERE

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